Jan 212014

MB S550 bmw 750il


I was invited by BMW to test drive the 2013 BMW 750iL vs. the 2013 Mercedes Benz S550 in a side-by-side test.   It was a perfect opportunity to compare both vehicles at the same time.

Here are the quick stats:

Price (MSRP) Engine Horsepower Torque City/Hwy fuel economy
BMW 750iL $90,500 4.4 liter V8 445 480 17/25
Mercedes Benz S550 $95,000 4.7 liter V8 429 516 15/25


Stepping into the Mercedes first, it was large, luxurious and comfortable.  The controls on the dash and door mounted window and seat controls seemed a bit dated and chunky.  However, materials inside the car were top-notch as expected.  While the ride was smooth, it was more limo-like than sporty.  Nailing the gas unleashed the massive power from the V8, but motivating this 5,800 pound car wasn’t easy.  The transmission kicked the gears down a tad slow on rapid acceleration.  0-60 mph felt around mid 5 seconds, which is amazing for this massive car.  Cruising in traffic was effortless and smooth.

Back at the car lot, I got into the BMW 750iL.  Night and day difference.  It was more modern inside with a larger navigation screen, a better in dash console data center, and controls seemed more current than the Mercedes.  I still don’t like the confusing iDrive system, as it is distracting, but the system is improving.  Waiting for a traffic light on a freeway on ramp, I floored it and the BMW launched like a rocket.  It felt around a 5 second flat 0-60 mph time – super impressive for a 5,700 pound car.  Ultimately, it was more sporty than the Benz and drove more spirited.  But with so many driving settings, it takes a master’s degree to figure out how to use the car.

Both cars get around 20 m.p.g in mixed driving and requires premium fuel.

Verdict:  Two separate cars for two separate personalities.  Ultimate Driving Machine = sporty, and the Benz is refined and confident.  Both will hit your pocketbook for north of $100K with options.  I personally liked how advanced and modern the BMW was, and how it drove like a much smaller automobile.

S550 2 750il 2

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