Aug 132013

Sure, very few individuals have a glass garage/display museum like Cameron’s father had in the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (and I would build a shrine for that Ferrari 250 GT California too).

ferris bueller

But if you had the means to build a car temple, where would you build it?

Would you put your prized collection inside your living room like this guy (Ferrari 355)?


Or would you build a specialized garage/lounge for your ride (1984 Ferrari 512 BBi)


Or would you instruct in your will that you need to be buried with your car?  (1964 Ferrari 330GT)

How about a glass wall between your garage and main home to gaze at the beauty?  (Ferrari Dino)

garage dino

Or, would you commit a sin and simply bury it behind a home in Los Angeles (1974 Ferrari Dino 246) – this was a case of stealing it for insurance payout…

buried dino

As you can see, based on pictures above, that Ferrari owners want to worship their rides.  Are they crazy?

Here is a Porsche 911 fanatic and his special home

porsche 911 in home

Art is in the eye of the beholder; thus it seems completely logical to me to display cars in a museum-like atmosphere.  As long as they are not garage queens….


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